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Sandy Shore & Aviary

The Sandy Shore & Aviary exhibits are closed until March 15.
We're reconfiguring some areas behind the scenes, but we’ll scurry back soon!

Investigate a world of mud flats and marshes rich with life, a place where long-legged birds ply the sands and flounders lie flat to keep from being found. Watch our birds forage for insects, just as they would in the wild, and gently touch the back of a bat ray as it skims along the bottom of our touch pool.

Cool Facts

  • Abandoned western snowy plovers are often brought to the Aquarium for treatment. We also incubate eggs, and newly hatched chicks are raised by exhibit birds.
  • Our bat rays don't shock or sting, and you're welcome to touch them gently. Or, get a "bat-ray's view" by looking through our underwater periscope.
  • Mud is the ghost shrimp's favorite meal. It eats a bucketful of earth every few weeks, and you can see them in action in our exhibit.
  • A squishy sea hare can reach 10 pounds. They're named "hares" for their earlike appendages.

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